Another Source of Free eBooks!

I look forward to my daily emails from Kim Komando. If you don’t know who Kim Komando is, please “click here” to find out! Today she posted a link to the “Hundred Zeros” website. I‘ve been bouncing around this site for at least an hour now! They’ve got hundred of free ebooks for the Kindle.

I suggest you give Hundred Zeros a try. I’ve been a fan of free ebooks for ages now. I don’t know why I missed this website! Enjoy! And thanks Kim!

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Read For Fun & Read For Free!

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but if you haven’t visited this site recently you should do it again! I’m talking about Project Gutenberg. They have over 45,000 free ebooks for you to enjoy! Give them a try!

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Khan Academy partners with College Board to provide free SAT prep

Khan Academy is partnering with the College Board to provide free SAT prep to everyone on planet earth! Continue reading

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Thank You!

I’m floored. I just went over 1,000 registered subscribers. Thank you. I’ve let this blog languish because I thought no one was interested in what I was saying. It appears I’m wrong. I’ve got a following! Let’s push on!

Let me know what you would like to see here! Email me at

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The Future of School Books?

I have two daughters by my second marriage. One is in her first year of college and the other is in the sixth grade. We transferred our youngest daughter from public school to a charter school which we heard good things about. Last week she came home with a Nook preloaded with all the books she’ll be required to read her entire school year. How cool is that!

She’s still got a few old-fashioned textbooks to haul around, but I envision in the near future a backpack full of textbooks will be a thing of the past! Soon all textbooks will be available on your tablet or laptop in digital format.

I find this exciting! I graduated from college years ago. I kept every textbook I ever purchased. They’re in boxes, in the attic, over my head right now! I was a business major… I’d love to refer to my accounting textbooks occasionally, but finding the ambition to climb into the blast furnace hot attic to get them is out of the question! When I have questions I use Google and Bing to find the information I need!

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution! I believe paper book publishers, like blacksmiths, will soon be a thing of the past. Every person on this planet now has a voice that can be heard! Say what you mean, and mean what you say to the largest audience in history from a laptop on your kitchen table! What power! What responsibility!

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Amazon & College Students

I want to tell how Amazon helps college students, but first I want you to know I’m an Amazon Affiliate. I post Amazon advertisements on my site, and occasionally I make money with them. It’s a good thing! My readers buy something they want, and I earn some money to pay for my blog! Life is good!

I was planning on making this huge post where I would discuss each and every feature Amazon had to offer… Then I considered my intended audience… You are college students! I’m going to highlight what Amazon has to offer and provide links so you can choose what you are interested in and ignore the rest!

Textbooks! Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore, so it stands to reason that you can find just about any college textbook imaginable on their website! You can save up to 40% buying new textbooks, 70% renting textbooks (and you can return your rented books for free), 80% buying e-textbooks, and 90% buying used textbooks! Amazon will buy back your textbooks no matter where you bought them for up to 70% of the purchase price! Please “click here” to learn more about this great program!

Everything Else! Amazon has everything you need to furnish your dorm, dress your body, and feed your needs! Go to Amazon and look around!

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Check Out The SurDoc Cloud!

Aloha! Thanks for visiting! I was surfing the Web last night when I happened on a site called SurDoc. What caught my attention was they are offering 100GB of FREE space on the cloud for an entire year! You can access your cloud space from your computer, smart phone, or tablet from anywhere there’s internet service! They also offer automatic backup for your computer files!

They have other services for you as well. I encourage you to check them out. To go there, please click here!

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College Textbooks and eBooks

My daughter just graduated from high school and started college. I’m very proud of her! She finished her first two college classes over the summer and now she’s taking four more classes. I went with her to the campus book store to help pay for the books she needed and Wow! I’m still feeling the price shock! Her biology book was over three hundred dollars and the workbook was another seventy-five!

We found the same book on Craigslist for $50, and the workbook was included! This was a great deal, but I’ve never felt comfortable buying on Craigslist. You never know who you’re going to meet when you make the purchase!

With this in mind, I felt compelled to start writing on this blog again. But instead of writing about eBooks, iPads and Nooks, I’m going to focus on college textbooks. We’ll cover such things as where to find the best prices, advantages of buying versus renting, and comparisons of companies in the business.

If I come across something in the ebook genre that’s interesting, I’ll pass it on to you as well.

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Your Chance to Win $5,000 Cash and a Free eReader!

I’ve got something fun for you today! I like to visit  the AppNewser website now and then just to see what’s new in the app world. Today I found the following (which I cut & pasted right out of the AppNewser just for you);

“Kobo has created an augmented reality game to promote eReading. The game is called The Descent and is inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Dan Brown‘s upcoming book Inferno and the works of the self-published author J.F. Penn, which are themed around Dante’s Inferno and the nine circles of hell.”

You get to download two free ebooks by J.F. Penn which contain clues to solving the mystery game. The winner of the game will receive a $5,000 cash prize and an eReader signed by Dan Brown.

For more information “click here” to go there! Hey, two free ebooks and a chance to win $5,000 and a free ereader. Go for it!

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More Free eBooks!

Aloha! Is it 2013 already? Wow! Time flies so quickly!

I would like to invite you to visit the website, “Living Chic on the Cheap.” I stumbled across it today and found it to be fun! It offers coupons, giveaways, freebies, and… FREE EBOOKS! If you need something more to read, please “click here” to go there!

Happy New Year!

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