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Publisher Sets Limits On Library eBook Lending!

More and more libraries across the country are offering ebooks to their card holders. That’s good! You don’t even have to return the ebook to the library! After the lending period is up, it automatically reverts back to the library that loaned it to you. The funny thing is many libraries don’t own the ebook they’re lending… They’ve purchased a license agreement to loan the ebook. When you actually download the ebook, you find yourself connected to an ebook lending service. One of the largest ebook lenders is OverDrive and that’s the service many libraries use.

When OverDrive distributes an ebook they wrap it up with DRM (digital rights management) software. This software determines what you can and cannot do with the ebook. Recently HarperCollins, a major worldwide publisher, directed Overdrive to include lending limits in their DRM.

HarperCollins did a study and determined the average paper book can be lent out by a library twenty-six times before it must be replaced due to wear and tear. Using this criteria, HarperCollins had OverDrive modify their DRM software so any HarperCollins ebook loaned out after March 7th, 2011, will self destruct after being loaned out twenty-six times. If the library wants to continue loaning the ebook they must purchase another license.

Although I understand why HarperCollins is doing this, I don’t like it. I feel we’re opening a gate which will lead to additional restrictions as time goes on. The whole ebook industry is continually evolving. Authors can now self publish and distribute their products via the internet. Let’s see where it goes!

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More iPad2 News!

AT&T confirmed they will allow subscribers who purchased unlimited data plans for their iPad 3G to keep them if they upgrade to the iPad2. That’s another good reason to upgrade! Click here for more about this story.

Friday afternoon Target announced via twitter they will be selling the iPad2 starting March 11, 2011. They will be joining the Apple Store, AT&T and Verizon with the iPad2 debut.

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Win an eReader During eBook Week!

Ebook Week starts tomorrow (March 6 – 12, 2011)! During this event you’ll have the opportunity to enter several contests and win some really great prizes! You can be the winner of a Nook or one of three Kobo’s by clicking here! Two lucky winners will win E-Ink watches by entering the contest offered on Steven Lyle Jordan’s website here!

The partners of eBook Week have lots of events planned which you can see by clicking here! This week is going to be fun! Now get out there and read some ebooks!

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Save Big on First Generation iPads!

iPad with Wi-Fi 16GB First Generation on sale for $399. Continue reading

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Disney Has eBooks Too!

I was thinking how cool it would be to have children’s interactive ebooks. Guess what, Disney has already been there done that! For $8.95 a month (or $79.95 a year) you can join Disney Digital Books. They currently have over 600 children’s new and classic ebooks available. Their website says they have books for kids and tweens, but parents can set the reader level to appropriate material for the childs age. The service is internet based so you need a computer and an internet connection to join.

They also have something called Story Builder where you can create your own custom story. There is a parent’s section where you can keep track of what your child is reading and allow/disallow different features of the website. If you would like to check this out, please click here. You can click the “Register” button and create a free account where you can view a sample of their selections. Enjoy!

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