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Pandigital 7″ Android On Sale!

I just received a weekly sales circular from Bed Bath & Beyond. There is a great offer inside for a full color Pandigital 7″ Android Multimedia Tablet for $139.99 (after a $30.00 mail-in rebate). On the last page of the circular you should find a $5 off coupon for any purchase of $15 or more. This coupon brings the price of the Pandigital down to $134.99. That’s not bad!

I checked out its customer satisfaction rating and QVC gives it a 2.6 out of 5.0 with 76 reviews. That’s not the best rating, but some people really like it… 30 ratings are 4 stars or better! Amazon gives it a solid 3.0 rating… Check it out! If this tablet sounds good for you, go for it! I think it would make a pretty good Mother’s Day gift!

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Nook Color Upgraded With Android 2.2 & Flash Video

I’ve been playing with my Nook Color for the past few days. Last Monday, 4/25/2011, Barnes & Noble pushed out a major software update to their Nook Color eReaders. Now my eReader has apps! I can listen to Pandora and surf the web even easier than before! There’s something new called “Nook Friends” where people can share their love of reading and share their ebooks too! You can connect with others, share opinions on books you are reading, and rate books you’ve read!

This software update (version 1.2.0) also included Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash Video 10.1 which, among other things,  allows you to view YouTube…. (20 minutes later)… Yes, YouTube works perfectly! And to top things off, B&N opened their Nook Color App Store with an initial offering of 125 apps to choose from. Outstanding!

Oh, did I mention you can read books (and magazines and newspapers) on the Nook Color as well! 😉

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Check Out Socialmediopolis!

No doubt many of you are involved in internet business and/or social media. Have I found a great website for you! It’s called, “Socialmediopolis.” They just published their, “Top 100 List of Free Social Media Resources.” You’ve got to check this list out… There’s something for everybody! Just click here and you’re there! reports, “…this list entails more than 100 free eBooks, white papers, newsletter and magazine subscriptions, research briefs, technical papers, buyers guides and more.”

This is all cutting edge stuff designed to keep your bottom line in the black and your company ahead of the competition.

Excuse me, I’ve got files to download and reading to do!

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Fun Stuff For Kindle & Free Kindle Apps For All!

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a NookColor fan. But today I was surfing the web checking out other ereaders when I stumbled upon a really nice site designed specifically for Kindle users. This site will allow you to:

(1) Do advanced Kindle book searches
(2) Do advanced paper book searches
(3) View free Kindle titles
(4) Track Kindle price drops
(5) View recent Kindle price drops
(6) Check to see if your favorite title has been Kindlized
(7) View books recently converted to Kindle

If this sounds good to you, just click here and check out eReaderIQ! I think you’ll really like this place!

Okay, I know what your saying… “Hey Don, what about the millions and millions of us that use Nooks… What do we do?” No problem! If your ereader isn’t a Kindle, but you really want to play on eReaderIQ, just click here and download the Kindle app that will work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone. You can have your Nook and play Kindle too! Life is good and Geekism is great! Go read something!

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eBook Sales Top Paperback Books!

The Association of American Publishers recently published sales results for February, 2011. Surprise! The publishing format in #1 place was ebooks! The AAP also reported ebook sales increased 202.3% over February, 2010! You can read the report by clicking here.

The report goes on to say, “Many publishers report that e-Book readers who enjoy a newly-released book will frequently buy an author’s full backlist”. That should be making both authors and publishers happy!

Personally, when I’m reading a story unfolding through a series of books, as I finish one volume I immediately purchase the next one without even getting out of my chair!

I’ve got a meeting to attend so I’ve got to cut this short. Thanks for stopping by!

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Aloha Everyone!

I’ve been really busy the last few days! That’s good for me, but bad for my blog. Today, April 15th, is also my daughter’s 16th birthday! Time goes by so fast! I still vividly remember cutting her umbilical cord! If … Continue reading

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How Much Is A Trillion?

Lately we’ve been hearing politicians talk about spending a billion on this and a trillion on that, but just how big are these numbers? It’s a little easier to visualize if you change the dollars into time… If you change … Continue reading

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Instructables Has Free eBooks!

If you’re a crafter, a DIY person, a student looking for a science project, or someone interested in new ways to recycle junk, is the website for you! Continue reading

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HarperCollins Wavering!

HarperCollins knew they were going to take some heat when they decided to make ebooks electronically vanish when they had been checked out 26 times, but apparently they misjudged how strong the reaction would be. Many libraries started a boycott against HarperCollins and the movement spread across the country and into Canada!

Personally, I think this is crazy! Assuming a library has a two week lending period for paper books, and no one ever returned one early or late, the 26th person would have to wait almost an entire year to finally get their hands on it! If the book became deteriorated during that time, the library would have the opportunity to sell it and use the money to help them buy a new copy!

On the other hand, a best selling HarperCollins ebook could be loaned out 26 times in one day and POOF… It just disappears! The library would buy the ebook, but have no chance to sell it. If you buy something, isn’t it a right of ownership that you also have the right to sell it? This also applies to individuals! If you buy an ebook, shouldn’t you also have the right to sell it? There all kinds of things going on here!

Anyway, Last Tuesday a HarperCollins representative told a large group of librarians that the number 26 was not set in stone. They said it was their number for now, but they wanted input from the libraries about how the number was working for them and HarperCollins was willing to listen. If you would like to read more about this, please click here and click here!

I think the boycott is working and HarperCollins is feeling the pain in their bottom line. The ebook industry is new and has growing pains. Many issues must be worked out to make ebook distribution fair for the author and the buyer. For the first time in history an author can write and publish their own book. Amazon, the largest bookstore in the world, is happy to publish almost anyone for a reasonable fee!  I think brick and mortar publishers are coming to grips with this and trying different things to stay in business.

This is good stuff! Let’s watch it together!

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Does Don Own an eReader?

Here I am, owner of, and someone asked me if I even owned an eReader! The answer to the question is, Yes… We have several Nooks in our home. I purchased one of the original Nooks for my wife and she in turn bought one for me. We were assured that B&N had spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the B&W Nook and a full color model wasn’t even on their radar. I loved my old Nook! The display was so crisp and clean! I read the entire Percy Jackson & Olympians series on it!

Then one day everything changed… We walked into our local Barnes & Nobel and there it was… The Nook Color! OMG, it was love at first sight! Brilliant color and a wall-to-wall touch screen! Easily accessible SDHC slot! Folders for your pictures, videos, music, and documents! Wi-Fi connectivity! Oh, and did I mention you can even read ebooks on it! Amazing!

My wife played Santa and bought me a Nook Color for Christmas (on the condition I gave my B&W Nook to my oldest daughter). I take my Nook Color with me everywhere! I’m the maintenance guy for several local shopping centers. I keep my things-to-do list on it… My site plans are on it… My email account is on it… I can stop at Starbucks or McDonalds and be on the internet in seconds. And did I mention you can read ebooks on it too!

I also have Nook apps loaded on my PC, laptop, and android cellphone… It is now virtually (virtually, did you get that?) impossible to loose a book. I can be anywhere on the planet (and in earth orbit as well) and access my ebook library. It doesn’t matter which device I use to access my last ebook, it will open to the exact page I was last reading. What’s really cool is we’ve got all of our Nooks registered to the same Barnes & Nobel account. If I purchase an ebook, my wife and daughter can read it at the same time as I do!

Does Don own an eReader? The answer is yes, Yes, and YES!

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