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If You Can’t Find a Job, MAKE ONE!

Recently I wrote a blog entry about making a job instead of looking for one. Then my WordPress crashed and I lost that post and several others. I was asked if I could post it again, but I failed to back it up so that isn’t possible. I’m going to attempt to recreate it here and make it even better.

The official unemployment rate for March, 2011,  was reported at 8.8%. You can read the official numbers by clicking here. What does this mean? It means 91.2% of Americans are working… and when working people come home, the last thing they want to do is work some more! If you have a business or service that is reasonably priced and can eliminate a want or need of another person or business, you have a success… This is the domain of the service industry and you probably have all the skills you need to enter it right now.

Look around you… What do you see? Walls, floors, and windows? Those are all job opportunities. Can you paint walls? Can you repair damaged ones (it’s not that hard). Can you lay tile or install carpet on floors? Do you know how to install wood flooring? Can you wash a window or clean a screen? Can you repair screens? Can you combine a few of these tasks and become a maintenance person? The possibilities are endless!

If you have access to a computer, and you obviously do or you wouldn’t be reading this, you can find everything you need to know by using Google. Type “How to paint a wall” into Google and you’ll be rewarded with over 187 thousand results. Type the same thing into YouTube and you can watch over 160 videos showing you how to do it. Click here and check out the Home Improvement section at eZineArticles.com. There are over thirty sub-categories listed at this site, and they are all business opportunities!

Check out your city, county and state ordinances, regulations, and codes. Wow! Talk about business opportunities! Check out the OSHA and National Fire Code regulations. More self employment opportunities! When a business receives a violation notice, they need someone who can correct it! Why not be the one? Pothole repair, graffiti removal, non-skid curb painting, private property traffic control sign repair and installation, these are all things you can do!

I urge you to get out there and get into the service industry. You can make it a full or part-time business. I started as a part-time shopping center maintenance person. My full time job was in the electronics industry. After experiencing three layoffs I decided I was going to be the master of my destiny and I went full time into my own business. My company just had its tenth anniversary and things continue to get better.

How do you start? Write down all the things you really like to do and identify ways you can do those things to help other people (when you’re doing what you like to do, work becomes fun and that rocks!). I knew a guy who loved breeding tropical fish. He started a business putting fish tanks into businesses and doing weekly tank maintenance and cleaning. He was being paid to do what he loved (and he was breeding fish in all the tanks and selling the baby fish to suppliers… Smart!).

You can do this! You can be your own boss and enjoy every minute of it! Make sure you do it right… Get your business licenses and liability insurance. Get letters of recommendation from your clients (you have no idea how valuable they are!). Market yourself and your business at every opportunity. Mingle at community events and pass out your business card and flyers. Support charities and community fund raisers. Join or start business groups that can support you and nurture your company’s growth.

If there is something you can do for someone, there is someone who is willing to pay you to do it…

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