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True Confessions of a Nook Color Owner!

Before I get started, I would like to say I paid full price for my Nook Color and I do not receive any incentives of any kind for my endorsement of this product. I purchased the original B&W Nook when … Continue reading

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Publish Your eBook For FREE With 2BHEARD!

There’s a new ebook publisher in town and they’re looking for you! If you’ve written a book and you’re looking for a way to publish it (especially if you’re on a budget), you should look this over. The name of the site is 2BHEARD and it has options for publishers and readers alike.

You can join 2BHEARD for free. Their Terms & Conditions (as with any business agreement) should be read throughly prior to joining. I could go on and on about them, but it’s easier to just refer you to the source! You can go there by “clicking here“!

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J.K. Rowling Releasing Harry Potter eBooks!

J.K. Rowling is opening an interactive website called Pottermore. The site officially opens in October, but a lucky few will be selected to test the site on July 31st.

As you probably know, none of the Harry Potter books were ever released as ebooks. This is all going to change. All the Harry Potter books will be available as both audio books and ebooks for immediate purchase and download at Pottermore.

What J.K. Rowling is doing is amazing. She is cutting her publishers and book sellers out of the picture and selling direct to her fans. She also promises to make additional Harry Potter materials available on the new website.

Everyone in our family is a Harry Potter fan and I’m really looking forward to joining Pottermore! If you would like to know more, please “click here.” J.K. Rowling has a video on the site with more exciting information!

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This Is My 100th Post!

Wow! My high school English teacher would have been so proud of me! Who would have thunk it? This blog has been a labor of love. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but most of my works have been either tech or … Continue reading

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Wow! What A Rush!

This has absolutely nothing to do with ebooks… But I felt inspired to post it anyway! Please “Click Here” to see an awesome video! Guys in flying suits jumping off buildings and whizzing through the streets of Chicago! Enjoy!

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Nook Touch Declared Champion Over Kindle!

Barnes & Noble recently released a new version of their popular Nook. The new model is called the “Nook Touch,” and it’s very impressive! Like the original Nook (now called the “Nook First Edition”), it has a black & white screen, but the similarity pretty much stops there!

Consumer Reports Magazine evaluated the new Nook Touch against several models of the Kindle and declared the Nook Touch the Champion!

Please “click here” to see what Consumer Reports had to say about the Nook Touch.

I own a Color Nook and I love it. But the difference in price could be a big deal! A Color Nook costs $249. A Nook Touch is only $139 (which is the same as the Kindle, but the Kindle is making a special offer of $114 if you “click here“).

Evaluate your options carefully. Once you commit to either Kindle or Nook your locked in. You can’t read your Nook library on a Kindle, and you can’t read your Kindle library on a Nook.

I like my Nook for reasons beyond its features. I enjoy going to my local B&N bookstore and connecting with all the in store discounts and freebies. I like being able to purchase a cup of coffee and looking through real books looking for something I like. You can’t get that from Amazon!

Barnes & Noble has a wonderful mix of the old and the new going on… I like their magic!

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BookRix, A Source of Free of eBooks and Friends

I’ve come across another enchanting website for you to play on! It’s called “BookRix.” They’ve got thousands of free ebooks for you to download! These ebooks were written by members of the site and published for everyone to read, enjoy, and evaluate. They also have frequent contests where writers and readers alike can earn cash and prizes.

If that wasn’t enough, they feature several hundred social groups where you can read, write, and network with other  people who share your interests. If you would like to see everything they have to offer, please click here!

I joined this website today and I intend to explore it this evening. Maybe I’ll see you there! Look for someone signed in as “ebookchronicles” and that will be me!

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First Edition Design eBooks Wants To Be Your Publisher!

You’ve spent months or perhaps years writing your book. It’s finally complete and you want to deliver it to the world. What’s the next step? Where do you go from here? You might want to check out First Edition Design eBooks!

For as little as $149.00, First Edition Design will format your manuscript, prepare submission files, submit them to Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, and over 20 other ebook distribution points (formats include – HTML, Java, .mobi, ePub, RFT, LFR, PDB and plain text). They will also provide you with a free ISBN! That’s a lot of service for a small sum of money!

For additional compensation, they can provide professional web hosting designed around your ebook and provide you with promotional materials like printed sell sheets, bookmarks, postcards, business cards, and posters (they even offer press release services).

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, visit their website by clicking here.

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I’ve Found Another Wonderful Website For You!

I recently discovered a wonderful website called, “The Feast.” Although not an ebook website, they offer excellent reviews of off the beaten path books of fiction, nonfiction, art, and food. If that wasn’t enough, they also spotlight films and travel locations that you may not have considered.

There is so much material to enjoy on this site! It is well worth your time to pay them a visit. Pour yourself a glass of wine and click here to to read and relax!

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