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What’s Going On With Harper-Collins?

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In a few previous posts I have discussed how Harper-Collins makes library books disappear when they’ve been checked out to many times for their liking. In yesterday’s post I  talked about how they are being taken to court because of ebook price fixing. Here we go again… Now they’ve knocked off someone else’s book cover artwork. What makes this particularly reprehensible is Harper-Collins offered to buy the rights from the artist, but the artist refused. Harper-Collins decided they were going to use it anyway!

After being challenged by the artist, Harper-Collins said they will change the cover artwork. The question is why on earth did they try to rip it off in the first place?

You’ve got to read my source material for this post. There’s more to this story! Please “click here” to check it out for yourself!

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Publishers Accused of eBook Price Fixing!

Lawsuit alleges publishers colluded to raise prices for popular eBooks and block Amazon from providing discount pricing. Continue reading

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