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The “KINDLE FIRE” is here!

Sorry, I don’t have time to talk… I’m writing a letter to Santa because I want an Kindle Fire under my Christmas tree! Wow! Continue reading

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Amazon Grows Bigger!

Amazon offers more with their Prime Membership! New Android Kindle coming soon! Continue reading

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Apple Expected to Debut iPhone5 Tuesday, October 4th

Apple to hold their next big media event on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011. Continue reading

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Google+ Open To Everyone!

Starting today, everyone can join Google+. I just joined about an hour ago and I like it! It’s different, but fun! All you have to do to get there is enter “” into your browser and off you go! The … Continue reading

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Incredible Shatterproof eReader – For Russia!

Plastic Logic will be manufacturing a shatterproof eReader called the “Plastic Logic 100” for Russian schoolchildren in grades 6 and 7. Continue reading

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Martview – Digital Reading For Your Computer!

We’ve blogged about Nooks, Kindles, and Kobos, and while they’re all great products, what if you just want to read a book on your computer? It’s true you can download apps from Amazon and Barnes & Noble that will allow you to do this, but I found another program that works great and has some amazing features!

I invite you to check out MartView, a digital reader that allows you to “Read on a computer like never before. Flip, slide, scroll, pinch, circle and more!” I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I really enjoy it. I have a growing collection of books in PDF format. Reading them with Adobe Reader is okay, but MartView really brings a PDF to life!

MartView also offers a library of free books and magazines you can download and read at your leisure. The colors are crisp and clear. This absolutely free program is also enabled for touch screen monitors.

A unique feature of MartView is it will allow you to convert your pictures into an attractive photo album and publish them on the web! I really like this feature!

You can learn more or download MartView by “clicking here.” Have fun!

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Khan Academy… Learn Almost Anything For FREE!

Some people need help with a single subject. Other people can’t afford college, but want or need the knowledge and skills that come with a higher education. Still others might need help with the most basic of life’s skills. Regardless of what your needs are, Khan Academy can probably help.

Khan Academy has thousands of videos and lectures prerecorded on such diverse subjects as finance, algebra, basic arithmetic, history, biology, computer science, and much more. The best part is you can join the academy for free and study at your own speed. I’m currently reviewing algebra so I can help my daughter with her homework.

Khan Academy is turning education upside down! Teachers are having their students watch video presentations from the academy at home and then having them do their homework in class! Teachers can actually move around in class and teach instead of standing in front of the classroom giving lectures until the bell rings.

They’re also an incredible resource for home schoolers. Khan Academy leads you through their subjects step by step (and even rewards you with merit badges and points for your educational achievements!). Khan Academy also keeps track of your progress so you have a record of everything you’ve done. It’s really easy to join! Actually you’re almost a member already! You click Longin at the upper right of their homepage and use your Gmail or Facebook userid and password to become a member. It’s that easy!

Please go to Khan Academy and look at all they have to offer. Just “click here” to go there!

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