My name is Don Windle. I’m a family man and business owner. My interests are reading, music, and fixing things. The Internet provides all the reading material I can handle, my daughters are musicians who provide me with hours of musical enjoyment, and my business allows me to fix things (I’m the maintenance guy for several local shopping centers). My beautiful wife has a list of things she wants fixed as well… Some of the things on her list have been there for years! My business always seems to interrupt what needs to be done at home! I’ll never worry about being bored!

Sorry, I was interrupted… Two raccoons are fighting over one of my bird feeders. The squirrels eat out of them during the day and the raccoons dine from them at night… Occasionally I even see a bird! Whatever hits the ground becomes a meal for the opossums! If it flies, walks, crawls, climbs, slithers, swims, or digs… you’ll probably find it in Florida! That’s where we live!

Thank you for visiting my blog. My comment section is always open if you would like to say hello.

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