Amazon Cloud Drive Has Arrived!

Yesterday morning Amazon launched Cloud Drive, its new cloud storage service, to the world. The really cool thing is Amazon is offering 5 GB of free online storage to anyone who signs up for it! You can Securely store your music, videos, photos, and documents online and access them from anywhere, anyplace, anytime you have internet service! Just think… I could have backed up my entire blog and recovered it all after I crashed… and crashed… and crashed again… This would also be a great place to back-up your ebook collection!

Wait, it gets even better! If you purchase an album from Amazon’s MP3 Store, they will upgrade you to 20 GB of free storage for up to one year! There are some stipulations with this offer, and you can read about them by clicking here.

This is a great deal… Check it out!

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2 Responses to Amazon Cloud Drive Has Arrived!

  1. Oh, Amazon Cloud Drive.. You’re inferior to Dropbox in every way, aside from features that are not available in Canada. d’oh

    • Don says:

      I have nothing to do with Amazon Cloud Drive, I was just letting people know it was available. Amazon gives people 5 GB of free space… Dropbox gives only 2 GB. Amazon will upgrade your free space to 20 GB if you purchase a MP3 album… Dropbox has nothing to sell and offers no upgrades. I’m sorry, but Dropbox seems inferior to me. Please, prove I’m wrong! My mind is always open!

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