Amazon & College Students

I want to tell how Amazon helps college students, but first I want you to know I’m an Amazon Affiliate. I post Amazon advertisements on my site, and occasionally I make money with them. It’s a good thing! My readers buy something they want, and I earn some money to pay for my blog! Life is good!

I was planning on making this huge post where I would discuss each and every feature Amazon had to offer… Then I considered my intended audience… You are college students! I’m going to highlight what Amazon has to offer and provide links so you can choose what you are interested in and ignore the rest!

Textbooks! Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore, so it stands to reason that you can find just about any college textbook imaginable on their website! You can save up to 40% buying new textbooks, 70% renting textbooks (and you can return your rented books for free), 80% buying e-textbooks, and 90% buying used textbooks! Amazon will buy back your textbooks no matter where you bought them for up to 70% of the purchase price! Please “click here” to learn more about this great program!

Everything Else! Amazon has everything you need to furnish your dorm, dress your body, and feed your needs! Go to Amazon and look around!

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