Amazon Reports eBook Sales Top Paperback Books!

In a January 27th news release, Amazon reported they’re now selling more Kindle ebooks than paperback books. Amazon said since the beginning of the year they’ve sold 115 Kindle ebooks for every 100 paperback books. Sales of Kindle ebooks are three times higher than sales of hardcover books. Amazon said if they included the number of free Kindle ebooks downloaded, the numbers would be even higher! The Kindle is the best selling product in Amazon’s history.

I’ve heard people say ebooks and ereaders are just a fad. I wonder if blacksmiths hammering out horseshoes said that when the first automobiles hit the street. In recent history we’ve seen cassette tapes kill the vinyl record industry, CD’s kill cassette tapes, and MP3’s kill CD’s! At this moment in history we’re watching people drop Ma Bell landline telephones in favor of their cellphones. The snail mail U.S. Postal Service is suffering because people would rather send an email then write a letter and pay their bills online instead of mailing them. There’s a technological revolution going on and I think book publishers should prepare for the ebook future!

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