Trade In Your Old Stuff To Amazon!

Are you wanting to purchase the new Kindle Fire, but you’re a little short on cash? Or maybe there’s a new smart phone you’re lusting after, but can’t quite afford right now! Amazon comes to the rescue!

Amazon now has a Trade-in Department! You can trade in electronics, books, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video games and Amazon will reward you by placing a gift card in your account. You can use this gift card to purchase anything from the Amazon store (even a Barnes & Noble Nook Color!).

Just “click here” to use this service. There are some short videos that explain the process, but it’s really easy! The site is currently in Beta, so it’s still evolving… Expect frequent changes! Today it has four trade-in stores; (1) Books, (2) Video Games, (3) Movies & TV, and (4) Electronics… I expect more will be added in the future.

You’ve got to check this out! Amazon even pays the postage!

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