Blue Boxes and White Ribbons

Okay guys… We’ve all made mistakes and found ourselves in the proverbial dog house. Maybe you became so engrossed in your latest eBook you forgot to put the toilet seat down and take out the trash… Totally understandable! Did you forget your wife’s birthday or your anniversary? Hey, it’s football season… most women don’t understand the terrible pressures we go through during the games! How are you supposed to keep track of one day in a whole year? There’s only one chance in 365 we’ll get it right! But when you blow the mission, you’ve got to do something to make things right again! What you need is something inside a light blue box with a white ribbon… and you’ve got to go to Tiffany & Co. to find something like that. Most people think gifts from Tiffany & Co are REALLY expensive… They can be, but you’d be surprised what you can find for $100 and under. A gift from Tiffany will also give your wife or girlfriend significant bragging rights with her peeps about what a romantic man she’s hooked up with! Check out their website at Oh yeah… Christmas is coming… Almost forgot!

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One Response to Blue Boxes and White Ribbons

  1. Enie Windle says:

    Santa Baby..slip a present under the tree for me (in a blue box)been awful good girl…!!!!!! You’re my hero!!! Love you Dahling!!!!

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