Borders Offers Kobo for $99.99

For a limited time, Borders is offering their popular Kobo Wireless eReader for only $99.99 (that’s $40 off the normal price of $139.99). You can read all about the Kobo by clicking here. If you’re looking for some reading material for your Kobo, click right here! Borders offers over a million ebooks for free!

If you don’t own a Kobo, Borders is making available free software for the Mac and PC (and many mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android) so you can still read their selections. Many of their free ebooks are available as PDF’s which can be viewed on just about any device with Adobe Reader software installed.

By the way, the Kobo comes in lavender… Isn’t Valentine’s Day right around the corner?  😉

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