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Another Source of Free eBooks!

I look forward to my daily emails from Kim Komando. If you don’t know who Kim Komando is, please “click here” to find out! Today she posted a link to the “Hundred Zeros” website. I‘ve been bouncing around this site for at least an hour now! They’ve got hundred of free ebooks for the Kindle.

I suggest you give Hundred Zeros a try. I’ve been a fan of free ebooks for ages now. I don’t know why I missed this website! Enjoy! And thanks Kim!

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Read For Fun & Read For Free!

Try Project Gutenberg! Your source for over 45,000 free ebooks! Continue reading

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Your Chance to Win $5,000 Cash and a Free eReader!

Download and read two free ebooks for clues towards winning $5,000 and a free ereader! Continue reading

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Free eBooks

Hello everyone! I’m so appreciative of all my loyal readers! I haven’t made a real post on this site since December and I’m still averaging over a hundred readers a day! Amazing!

I was looking through The eBook Directory and was surprised how much it has grown! They’ve got something for everybody! Grab a cup of coffee and check it out!

Another place worth looking at is the Khan Academy website. They’ve got free courses in math, science, finance, humanities, test preparation, and more. The math courses start at single digit addition and go all the way through advanced calculus. Their goal is to offer, “A free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” 

Here’s a link to an article that’s just fun to read… Check out The Motley Crew’s page entitled, “100 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Economy.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Please “click here” to go there!

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More Free eBook Sources!

More sources for free ebooks! Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble and Partnership! and Barnes & Noble enter into exclusive partnership! Continue reading

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Amazon Grows Bigger!

Amazon offers more with their Prime Membership! New Android Kindle coming soon! Continue reading

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Publishers Accused of eBook Price Fixing!

Lawsuit alleges publishers colluded to raise prices for popular eBooks and block Amazon from providing discount pricing. Continue reading

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An eBook About Dorm Food!

Are you hungry but tired of roaming the campus looking for something to eat? Sick of the cafeteria and expensive vending machines? Guess what! You’ve now got options! I ran across an eBook that may be just what you need! It’s called, “The Dorm Room Diner.” It has 185 recipes you can prepare in your dorm room with “Limited Time, Limited Budget and VERY Limited Appliances.”

This book was written by Dulce Taylor, a college student who has become a Dorm Food Chef! You can purchase this amazing eBook for the special price of $19.95 and be gratified with an instant download! Dulce is throwing another three eBooks into the deal for free!

I don’t know the author, and I’m not making a dime off this endorsement… But I do  know what living in a dorm is like, and I wish I had this book when I was doing it! You can check it out by “clicking here.” bon appetit!

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Learn To Paint Online!

During one of my searches for fresh material to write about, I discovered a website that really looks like great fun!

Have you ever wanted to explore the creative side of yourself? Well, Art Apprentice Online (AAO) might be just what you’re looking for!

They have a store offering art related ebooks featuring introductory subjects to more advanced techniques, with prices ranging from $19.95 to $39.95, but this isn’t what got my attention… This website will teach you to paint online!

AAO has full time art teachers who teach you how to paint. The courses vary in price, but average around $29.95. I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint and I think I’m going to register for one of their classes!

If you’d like to check them out for yourself, just “click here” to go there! There’s lots of things to explore on this website, so grab a cup of coffee and have some fun just looking around!

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