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Meylah Offers Another Free eBook

Meylah is an on-line marketplace where artisans can set-up a storefront and sell their products to the world. If you would like to see what they have to offer, click here.

As part of their services, they have been offering a series of free ebooks. The following titles are currently available:

Volume 1: Get Started With Social Media

Volume 2: Creating On-line Tutorials with Byte-sized Learning

Volume 3 – A Roadmap to Success: How to Sell Online Effectively

If that wasn’t enough, today they announced the fourth free ebook in their series: “Preparing For Art & Craft Show Success.” You can download this latest free ebook by clicking here.

If you like doing arts & crafts, Meylah can help you market what you make. Check them out!

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Check out Meylah’s free eBook Series for Creatives!

In my quest for new material to blog about, I came across a website called Meylah, “Your place to shop & experience all things creative!” You can also set up your own storefront — for free! You’ve really got to check this site out… They’ve got the coolest things there! Start your exploration by clicking here!

But what does this have to do with ebooks you might ask? Great question, and I have an answer! They’ve got three free ebooks that are illustrated and content rich! These ebooks are designed to help you succeed in establishing and growing your on-line business. These ebooks are entitled, (1) Get Started with Social Media, (2) Creating Online Tutorials with Byte-Syze Learning, and (3) A Roadmap to Success: How to Sell Online Effectively.” You can download copies of these ebooks by clicking here!

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Check Out Socialmediopolis!

No doubt many of you are involved in internet business and/or social media. Have I found a great website for you! It’s called, “Socialmediopolis.” They just published their, “Top 100 List of Free Social Media Resources.” You’ve got to check this list out… There’s something for everybody! Just click here and you’re there! reports, “…this list entails more than 100 free eBooks, white papers, newsletter and magazine subscriptions, research briefs, technical papers, buyers guides and more.”

This is all cutting edge stuff designed to keep your bottom line in the black and your company ahead of the competition.

Excuse me, I’ve got files to download and reading to do!

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Fun Stuff For Kindle & Free Kindle Apps For All!

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a NookColor fan. But today I was surfing the web checking out other ereaders when I stumbled upon a really nice site designed specifically for Kindle users. This site will allow you to:

(1) Do advanced Kindle book searches
(2) Do advanced paper book searches
(3) View free Kindle titles
(4) Track Kindle price drops
(5) View recent Kindle price drops
(6) Check to see if your favorite title has been Kindlized
(7) View books recently converted to Kindle

If this sounds good to you, just click here and check out eReaderIQ! I think you’ll really like this place!

Okay, I know what your saying… “Hey Don, what about the millions and millions of us that use Nooks… What do we do?” No problem! If your ereader isn’t a Kindle, but you really want to play on eReaderIQ, just click here and download the Kindle app that will work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone. You can have your Nook and play Kindle too! Life is good and Geekism is great! Go read something!

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Instructables Has Free eBooks!

If you’re a crafter, a DIY person, a student looking for a science project, or someone interested in new ways to recycle junk, is the website for you! Continue reading

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Publisher Sets Limits On Library eBook Lending!

More and more libraries across the country are offering ebooks to their card holders. That’s good! You don’t even have to return the ebook to the library! After the lending period is up, it automatically reverts back to the library that loaned it to you. The funny thing is many libraries don’t own the ebook they’re lending… They’ve purchased a license agreement to loan the ebook. When you actually download the ebook, you find yourself connected to an ebook lending service. One of the largest ebook lenders is OverDrive and that’s the service many libraries use.

When OverDrive distributes an ebook they wrap it up with DRM (digital rights management) software. This software determines what you can and cannot do with the ebook. Recently HarperCollins, a major worldwide publisher, directed Overdrive to include lending limits in their DRM.

HarperCollins did a study and determined the average paper book can be lent out by a library twenty-six times before it must be replaced due to wear and tear. Using this criteria, HarperCollins had OverDrive modify their DRM software so any HarperCollins ebook loaned out after March 7th, 2011, will self destruct after being loaned out twenty-six times. If the library wants to continue loaning the ebook they must purchase another license.

Although I understand why HarperCollins is doing this, I don’t like it. I feel we’re opening a gate which will lead to additional restrictions as time goes on. The whole ebook industry is continually evolving. Authors can now self publish and distribute their products via the internet. Let’s see where it goes!

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A Couple of Search Engines

Discover the features of ixquick, startpage, and pdfgeni… Search engines with a twist! Continue reading

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Win a Free Kindle! will publish the works of aspiring authors as an ebook, allow anyone to download the ebook for free, accept comments and reviews from those who have read the ebook, and provide the author with valuable feedback! Continue reading

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Children’s eBook Publishing!

Write and publish a child’s ebook online… For free! Continue reading

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Borders Offers Kobo for $99.99

For a limited time, Borders is offering their popular Kobo Wireless eReader for only $99.99 (that’s $40 off the normal price of $139.99). You can read all about the Kobo by clicking here. If you’re looking for some reading material … Continue reading

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