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Kindle Fire Ignites War Between The Booksellers!

B&N and BAM pulling DC Books off their shelves! Continue reading

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Google Buys Motorola!

Google intends to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion with unanimous approval of both boards! Continue reading

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Nook Touch Declared Champion Over Kindle!

Barnes & Noble recently released a new version of their popular Nook. The new model is called the “Nook Touch,” and it’s very impressive! Like the original Nook (now called the “Nook First Edition”), it has a black & white screen, but the similarity pretty much stops there!

Consumer Reports Magazine evaluated the new Nook Touch against several models of the Kindle and declared the Nook Touch the Champion!

Please “click here” to see what Consumer Reports had to say about the Nook Touch.

I own a Color Nook and I love it. But the difference in price could be a big deal! A Color Nook costs $249. A Nook Touch is only $139 (which is the same as the Kindle, but the Kindle is making a special offer of $114 if you “click here“).

Evaluate your options carefully. Once you commit to either Kindle or Nook your locked in. You can’t read your Nook library on a Kindle, and you can’t read your Kindle library on a Nook.

I like my Nook for reasons beyond its features. I enjoy going to my local B&N bookstore and connecting with all the in store discounts andĀ freebies. I like being able to purchase a cup of coffee and looking through real books looking for something I like. You can’t get that from Amazon!

Barnes & Noble has a wonderful mix of the old and the new going on… I like their magic!

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Google Labs = Fun!

You’ve GOT to visit Google Labs! Totally fun! Continue reading

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