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Google+ Open To Everyone!

Starting today, everyone can join Google+. I just joined about an hour ago and I like it! It’s different, but fun! All you have to do to get there is enter “” into your browser and off you go! The … Continue reading

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Incredible Shatterproof eReader – For Russia!

Plastic Logic will be manufacturing a shatterproof eReader called the “Plastic Logic 100” for Russian schoolchildren in grades 6 and 7. Continue reading

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Finding eBooks You Can Read On Your eReader

A friend of mine owns a Kindle. He wanted to know why some eBooks he downloaded wouldn’t open. The Kindle family of eReaders use AZW or MOBI format, and they’re about the only ones that do (please “click here” to see a comparison chart of the top 10 eReaders). The majority of eReaders use EPUB format. The eBooks my friend downloaded were all in EPUB format and weren’t compatible with his Kindle (just like AZW and MOBI formats aren’t compatible with a most other eReaders, including the Nook).

So what do you do when you see an eBook you want to read, but it’s in the wrong format for your eReader? That’s easy! You convert the eBook’s format to one you can use! You can do that quickly and easily with Calibre!

So what is Calibre? I’ll let them tell you… “Calibre allows you to organize your e-book collection, convert e-books to various formats, and interact with your e-book reader, all in an intuitive and friendly manner.” Please “click here” to visit their website and learn more about what they have to offer! The best thing is Calibre is FREE!

Calibre is a great eReader too! You can read eBooks in all formats, highlight text, and add sticky notes. Check them out! I’ve been using Calibre and I love it!

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Publishers Accused of eBook Price Fixing!

Lawsuit alleges publishers colluded to raise prices for popular eBooks and block Amazon from providing discount pricing. Continue reading

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College Students Would Give Up Sex For eBooks!

Kelton Research recently completed a market research survey for educational software company Kno with surprising results! The survey was offered to college students during the period of 14-21 July, 2011, asking their preferences concerning digital learning over traditional textbooks. A … Continue reading

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True Confessions of a Nook Color Owner!

Before I get started, I would like to say I paid full price for my Nook Color and I do not receive any incentives of any kind for my endorsement of this product. I purchased the original B&W Nook when … Continue reading

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This Is My 100th Post!

Wow! My high school English teacher would have been so proud of me! Who would have thunk it? This blog has been a labor of love. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but most of my works have been either tech or … Continue reading

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Wow! What A Rush!

This has absolutely nothing to do with ebooks… But I felt inspired to post it anyway! Please “Click Here” to see an awesome video! Guys in flying suits jumping off buildings and whizzing through the streets of Chicago! Enjoy!

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Another Look At Calibre!

I’ve written about Calibre in the past, but to be honest, I kind of ignored it since my review. Last night I found mention of it on another website and I decided to take another look! All I can say is, “Wow! They’ve evolved!”

One of the coolest things it does is convert almost any ebook into the format that’s compatible with yours! The only exception seems to be those ebooks that are DRM protected.

You can also search for an ebook and it will find all available sources that sell it, inform you if it’s DRM protected, and provide the prices allowing you to choose the least expensive! That saves you money!

Calibre also does what it was first designed to do. It manages your ebook collection.

They call themselves the one stop solution to all your ebooks needs. You can watch a demo and download your free copy of Calibre by clicking here. I think you’ll like it!

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