College Students Would Give Up Sex For eBooks!

Kelton Research recently completed a market research survey for educational software company Kno with surprising results! The survey was offered to college students during the period of 14-21 July, 2011, asking their preferences concerning digital learning over traditional textbooks. A whopping 73% of the students surveyed said they would be willing to give up dating or sex if they could never carry another heavy textbook!

Typically college students carry 20 pounds of books with them during their treks around campus. Most digital ereaders on the other hand can store a student’s entire textbook library on a device weighing less than a pound!

One in five students said they’ve lost at least one of their textbooks and were forced to buy a replacement. You can’t lose a digital textbook and you can usually access them them from almost anywhere using a PC, laptop, notebook, iPad, or smartphone.

Many students complained about the high cost of textbooks and the depreciation incurred when they sell them back to the campus bookstore. An undergrad can expect to spent at least $600 or more on textbooks each year they’re in college. Students can buy used textbooks, but they are marked up and frequently have pages missing. Amazon came to the rescue by allowing students to rent etextbooks for up to 80% off the list price of the paper edition!

The world of college textbooks is changing and the publishers had better shift with the times or be left behind!

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