One of Those Days!

I had an appointment to meet with a client at 9:30 this morning. I got up early, had breakfast, and got ready for the days events… Or so I thought! My client called to announce he had some trouble getting a rent-a-car at the airport and was running a little late. No problem! I had time for another cup of coffee! Life rocks!

Time to go… I jumped in my truck and took off for my appointment. I was almost there when I realized I left my cell phone on the kitchen table! Ouch! My client said he’d call me when he was close! So I drove home as fast as I could and retrieved my phone… I discovered he hadn’t called yet so everything was still good!

I jumped back in my truck and off I went… I was about half way to my destination when I smelled the distinctive odor of radiator fluid. I checked my temperature gauge and it was HOT! I pulled to the side of the road and opened my hood… Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park and watched “Old Faithful” doing its thing? Yeah, what was going on under my hood looked something like that! We’re talking serious steam!

I called my insurance company, who called a towing company, who called me to say they would be with me in about an hour… I called my client and said I would be late! And I was… about two hours late!

But the good news is I’m back up on my blog, I’ve got my favorite theme working again (Weaver 2.0), and my client wasn’t upset at all… But my truck is still in the garage. My mechanic said I demolished the upper heater hose (he replaced the lower one while he was at it). Now I’ve got to figure out why I’m attracting all this negativity! I’m going to read a couple of my Abraham-Hicks ebooks and try to find out what’s going on! Hey, I’m back on topic!

Time for bed! I’ve got to meet with my client again tomorrow morning!

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