Does Don Own an eReader?

Here I am, owner of, and someone asked me if I even owned an eReader! The answer to the question is, Yes… We have several Nooks in our home. I purchased one of the original Nooks for my wife and she in turn bought one for me. We were assured that B&N had spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the B&W Nook and a full color model wasn’t even on their radar. I loved my old Nook! The display was so crisp and clean! I read the entire Percy Jackson & Olympians series on it!

Then one day everything changed… We walked into our local Barnes & Nobel and there it was… The Nook Color! OMG, it was love at first sight! Brilliant color and a wall-to-wall touch screen! Easily¬†accessible¬†SDHC slot! Folders for your pictures, videos, music, and documents! Wi-Fi connectivity! Oh, and did I mention you can even read ebooks on it! Amazing!

My wife played Santa and bought me a Nook Color for Christmas (on the condition I gave my B&W Nook to my oldest daughter). I take my Nook Color with me everywhere! I’m the maintenance guy for several local shopping centers. I keep my things-to-do list on it… My site plans are on it… My email account is on it… I can stop at Starbucks or McDonalds and be on the internet in seconds. And did I mention you can read ebooks on it too!

I also have Nook apps loaded on my PC, laptop, and android cellphone… It is now virtually (virtually, did you get that?) impossible to loose a book. I can be anywhere on the planet (and in earth orbit as well) and access my ebook library. It doesn’t matter which device I use to access my last ebook, it will open to the exact page I was last reading. What’s really cool is we’ve got all of our Nooks registered to the same Barnes & Nobel account. If I purchase an ebook, my wife and daughter can read it at the same time as I do!

Does Don own an eReader? The answer is yes, Yes, and YES!

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