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Thanks for stopping by! You may notice changes if you’ve been here before. I dropped my feeble attempt at designing a webpage and switched to WordPress. Getting my first webpage online was fun (that was around 1997 using sraight HTML). When I started working on this webpage I found things had changed! I discovered HTML3, PHP, XHTML, CSS, and JAVA… then my eyes glazed over. WordPress works for me! Easy is good!

This site is all about eBooks, and this post is about finding free ones! Millions and millions of people probably know this, but University of Pennsylvania has over 900,000 free ebooks available online. If you read one eBook a day, it will take you over 2,400 years to read them all. Better get started! You can find this amazing library at

Okay, 2,400 years have passed and you’re getting low on reading material. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but Google can help! The Google eBook Store claims to have over three million free books to choose from. You can read these books on the web, or download them to your Nook, Sony, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. I’m sure some of Google’s eBooks are duplicates of ones you’ll find in the upenn library, but even if they all are, Google still gives you another 2,100,000 books to peruse (or another 5,700 years of reading material at one book a day). You can find all these eBooks and more at

I’ve got more offerings, but I’ll save them for another post. I think I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and read a good book!

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