New Free eReader Computer Software!

There are some free software programs available that can turn your computer into an ereader. The first I’ll talk about is Calibre. It calls itself an open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books and it’s really cool! One of the features I like is pdf conversion to Kindle’s mobi format or Nook’s epub format (and many others) which Calibre can then upload it to your ereader! You can spend hours on their website reading about all the features of Calibre, or, if you’re a techie kind of person, you can help design it! They’ve got an intro video that will teach you how to use Calibre and introduce you to some of its features. If you would like to visit their website, please click here!

The next ereader I’ll introduce is Blio. This is another free program that will enable you to read ebooks on your computer (and it has the capability of reading ebooks to you). It’s really easy to use. After installing the software and obtaining your USERID and PASSWORD, you can either; (1) Go to your library, (2) Download free ebooks, or (3) Purchase ebooks… Really simple… One of Blio’s strongestĀ featuresĀ is the clickable free ebooks tab. It will take you to Google Books which is a gateway to over one million free ebooks. Blio is a full featured ebook reader that currently only supports Windows, but they say iPhone, iPad, Android versions are coming soon. You can find out more by clicking here and visiting their website.

The last ereader for today is the monster of all ereaders… Google ebookstore… Click here and you will instantly have access to over three million books (of which over one million are free).

Have fun everyone! We’ll be back tomorrow!

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