The Future of School Books?

I have two daughters by my second marriage. One is in her first year of college and the other is in the sixth grade. We transferred our youngest daughter from public school to a charter school which we heard good things about. Last week she came home with a Nook preloaded with all the books she’ll be required to read her entire school year. How cool is that!

She’s still got a few old-fashioned textbooks to haul around, but I envision in the near future a backpack full of textbooks will be a thing of the past! Soon all textbooks will be available on your tablet or laptop in digital format.

I find this exciting! I graduated from college years ago. I kept every textbook I ever purchased. They’re in boxes, in the attic, over my head right now! I was a business major… I’d love to refer to my accounting textbooks occasionally, but finding the ambition to climb into the blast furnace hot attic to get them is out of the question! When I have questions I use Google and Bing to find the information I need!

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution! I believe paper book publishers, like blacksmiths, will soon be a thing of the past. Every person on this planet now has a voice that can be heard! Say what you mean, and mean what you say to the largest audience in history from a laptop on your kitchen table! What power! What responsibility!

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