I Love My Nook!

I have a Nook with a black & white display. I was told when I bought it there would never be a color Nook. They said B&N spent millions to develop the the B&W Nook and give it the sharpest display possible. I was okay with that… It was easy to read. It also doubles as a MP3 player so I can listen to my music as I read (there’s something about Yo Yo Ma and his cello that’s magical). My Nook and I became friends. I’ve also got the Nook app on my Droid and PC. I can read my books just about anywhere. If you need something new to read (for free), just search for “$0.00” and you won’t be disapointed… I just did that and was pleased to see 1,830,026 free eBooks to choose from!

Now B&N has introduced the new Color Nook. I’m slightly disturbed because color was what I wanted in the first place, and conflicted because, although I want to upgrade to color, I really like the Nook I’ve got! And if I purchase the Color Nook, what do I do with my old friend? I’ll leave the decision up to my bride and Santa… They’ve never let me down! (Honey, are you reading this?)…

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4 Responses to I Love My Nook!

  1. Enie Windle says:

    Yes Honey I’m reading your posts! I’ll put a good word in with Santa!!! OXOX

    • Don says:

      Thank you my beautiful bride of 21 fabulous years! I don’t know what you said to Santa, but he delivered my new Color Nook on Christmas morning! I love it! XOXO

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