I’m Back!

Saturday night I attempted to automatically upgrade my WordPress to Version 3.1. To put my experience in a nutshell, CRASH! When I completed the update my blog looked great, but I could no longer access the Admin section (where you compose your material and make changes to your configuration). It was like driving a car without a steering wheel!

I got up on the WordPress Forum and asked for help. I was told I should try a manual update and that should make everything okay again. Double CRASH! My entire blog went belly up and I’ve was out of commission for almost 24 hours!

I read through forum postings and tried different things. Then I’d check my website and find it was still broke, but the reason for failure changed. I was on the verge of deleting everything and starting over when, as a last resort, I started overwriting files that were giving me trouble.  I must have got the right one because suddenly everything returned to normal and here we are again! It’s good to be back!

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