Incredible Shatterproof eReader – For Russia!

A multinational company called Plastic Logic, headquartered in Mountain View, California, invented a revolutionary new flexible plastic display screen. These screens are extremely rugged, shatterproof, and glare free (unlike LED glass screens).

In April, 2009, they marketed an eReader called the Que proReader. This eReader featured a 10.7-inch “shatterproof” monochrome screen with a resolution of 1264 x 964 pixels. In August, 2010, they stopped production and withdrew it from the market because they couldn’t compete with the flood of inexpensive eReaders like the $139 Kindle.

Plastic Logic went back to the drawing boards to develop a 2nd generation product that would be more competitive in the marketplace. Here’s where it gets interesting… I’m quoting from an article I read from, “…in January Plastic Logic received a $700 million investment from RUSNANO (the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies), after announcing that it planned to build “the worlds largest volume production factory for next-generation plastic displays” in Zelenograd, Russia (near Moscow).

They are going to market a new product called the Plastic Logic 100 for Russian schoolchildren in grades 6 and 7. This eReader will come preloaded with over 40 textbooks and have some great features as well!

To read more, please check out the full article from by “clicking here,” and an article from the Plastic Logic website by “clicking here.”

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