Kindle Fire Ignites War Between The Booksellers!

Just a few weeks ago Amazon announced their latest product, the Kindle Fire. The hottest thing about the Fire was the price, only $199.00. Then the fireworks started!

Amazon announced they signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics for digital distribution rights of their graphic novels featuring the likes of Batman and Superman! Barnes & Noble retaliated by pulling over 100 DC books off their shelves explaining, “We will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format.”

Books-A-Million (BAM), the nations second brick-and-mortar bookseller, followed suit and also pulled DC Books from their stores. They announced, “Due to DC Comics plan to sell the digital format of their top 100 graphic novels exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Fire, BAM Stores are currently removing physical copies of these titles from our shelves.”

Now it’s rumored Apple is developing the iPad mini to compete with the Kindle Fire. The iPad mini is speculated to have a 7 inch screen (just like the Kindle Fire), a video camera, and a USB connector. It is believed it will also have 128GB of storage and a high resolution display. The unit is expected to be available in 2012 and will be priced around $200.00.

And if that isn’t enough, Google and Microsoft may be working on their version of the increasingly popular tablet as well. Google’s soon to be completed acquisition of Motorola Mobility will give them the ability to manufacture a tablet and equip it with their own operating system! That could make them a serious threat indeed!

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! This “war” is going to benefit all of us gadget geeks and techies (not to mention those people who just like to read ebooks!).

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