Nook Prices Tumble!

Barnes & Noble have dropped the prices for many of their Nooks. The Nook Color (that I purchased for $199) is now only $139. The Nook Tablet 16 GB dropped from $199 to $179.

I’m really excited about the new Nook HD+ with a 9 inch display. You can check out prices and features by “clicking here.”

There are so many tablets available this holiday season! Amazon had their Kindle, Google has the Nexus 7, and Apple has the iPad. There are dozens more if you go looking.

Happy Holidays!




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Free eBooks

Hello everyone! I’m so appreciative of all my loyal readers! I haven’t made a real post on this site since December and I’m still averaging over a hundred readers a day! Amazing!

I was looking through The eBook Directory and was surprised how much it has grown! They’ve got something for everybody! Grab a cup of coffee and check it out!

Another place worth looking at is the Khan Academy website. They’ve got free courses in math, science, finance, humanities, test preparation, and more. The math courses start at single digit addition and go all the way through advanced calculus. Their goal is to offer, “A free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” 

Here’s a link to an article that’s just fun to read… Check out The Motley Crew’s page entitled, “100 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Economy.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Please “click here” to go there!

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Aloha! My website was out of commission the last few weeks… We had some difficulties with my old host and I moved my account to a new one. Pardon me while I get my feet on the ground again!

We’re still transitioning, but we’ll be running strong again soon!

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More Free eBook Sources!

Free stuff is always good! I’ve found a couple of websites offering free ebooks in several formats.

The first website is You can browse through over 29,000 available ebooks by title, recommendations, or visitor reviews. They also have some audio books available that you can download and listen to with your iPod or MP3 player.

The second website is In their own words, InkMesh is an “eBook search engine to find free ebooks and compare ebook prices for the Kindle, iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader and more!” Just for fun I did a free ebook search for, “Law of Attraction.” InkMesh came up with an impressive list of books!

I’ll continue looking for sources of free ebooks for you. If you know of some good ones, add a comment and let me know or you can email me directly at (no spam please).

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Barnes & Noble and Partnership!

Today, 12/06/2011, announced they have entered into an exclusive parnership with Barnes & Noble to sell eBooks through Barne’s & Noble’s Nook Store. This will allow visitors to purchase digital versions of hardcover and paperback books through the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. Do you need something to read digital books with, but you don’t have an eReader? No problem… is also offering certified pre-owned Nook Color eReaders for only $149.00 and that’s a great deal! A new Nook Color retails for $199.00 (plus appropriate taxes).

The investments and promotions Barnes & Noble made to keep their Nooks competitive in the marketplace caused the bookseller to experience a surprising loss this quarter. Personally, I believe Barnes & Noble will spring right back next quarter. I’m not a financial advisor or a stock market expert, but I believe B&N has a great management team at the helm of their company and they’re steering their ship in the right direction.

If you would like to learn more about this partnership, please “click here!”

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Great Information For New Publishers!

If you’re thinking about publishing your own book, I’ve got some great information for you!

There’s a website called “Book Country” that will allow you to upload your book so members of their community can review it and provide constructive evaluation. You can also read the works of other aspiring authors and provide comments of your own! Pretty cool!

Recently Book Country announced they will now publish manuscripts posted on their website turning them into real ebooks, paper books, or both. Please “click here” to read more. There’s no doubt they’ve got the ability to publish… they’re actually a subsidiary of Penguin Group publishing company. This really sounds like a good deal! Get your book reviewed for free, make appropriate changes, and submit it for publishing (for a fee of course). It’s like a one-stop-shop for authors!

I’ve got some books rattling around in my head, but I haven’t yet set them to paper. I’ve been reading about how to publish, however I’m not familiar with the actual nuts and bolts of the process. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled across a blog titled, “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

“A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing” is the creation of the well known author, Joe Konrath (aka Jack Kilborn). While I was looking through all the posts in Joe’s blog, I came upon one that speaks directly about Book Country’s offer to publish material uploaded to their site… Joe’s comments were truly enlightening! I’m not going to paraphrase what he wrote… You’ve got to read it for yourself! Please “click here” to go there!

While you’re on “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing,” please spend some time reading through the posts. Many are posted by guests offering valuable information and insight into the publishing industry. I’ve bookmarked Joe’s Blog and I’ll be going back to read it all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is my favorite time of the year!

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May The Best eReader Win!

Okay, right off the bat I’ll admit I’m biased towards my Nook Color. I’m kind of piqued B&N dropped my purchase price of $249 to $199, but that’s okay — I still love my machine. On the high side, the Nook Color software update Version 1.4 will be available soon. With every update B&N turns on new features and offers new apps… I can’t wait to see what this software update will bring.

That being said, let’s look at what’s been going on in the ebook world! Wow! Amazon rolls out the Kindle Fire at $199. B&N drops the price of the Nook Color to $199 and introduces the Nook Tablet at $249. Kobo, not to be outdone, introduces the “Vox” also selling for $199. Samsung introduces their powerful Galaxy Tab 7.0 at $350 (which is the only one, excluding the iPad2, I’ve noticed with front and rear cameras). The iPad2, which can’t really be classified as an ereader, is selling for $499.

The prices for dedicated ereaders have plummeted as well! The original Kindle is now $79, and the Kindle Touch is $99. The Nook Simple Touch is now only $99. The Kobo Touch and the Kobo WiFi are both selling for $99 as well.

There are many more tablets and dedicated ereaders available, but I’ve tried to limit this article to those that scored at least four out of five stars on consumer reviews.

The new stuff is out there and available for purchase, but I recommend you wait a week or two to see how the reviews go. People are already complaining about how slow the Kindle Fire loads web pages… It seems the Amazon Cloud isn’t working as well as expected, but that might just be something that can be worked out with a tweak or two… And who knows what’s going to be offered to us on Black Friday! All the retailers are going to be competing for our money! This is going to be good!

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Trade In Your Old Stuff To Amazon!

Are you wanting to purchase the new Kindle Fire, but you’re a little short on cash? Or maybe there’s a new smart phone you’re lusting after, but can’t quite afford right now! Amazon comes to the rescue!

Amazon now has a Trade-in Department! You can trade in electronics, books, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video games and Amazon will reward you by placing a gift card in your account. You can use this gift card to purchase anything from the Amazon store (even a Barnes & Noble Nook Color!).

Just “click here” to use this service. There are some short videos that explain the process, but it’s really easy! The site is currently in Beta, so it’s still evolving… Expect frequent changes! Today it has four trade-in stores; (1) Books, (2) Video Games, (3) Movies & TV, and (4) Electronics… I expect more will be added in the future.

You’ve got to check this out! Amazon even pays the postage!

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Kindle Fire Ignites War Between The Booksellers!

Just a few weeks ago Amazon announced their latest product, the Kindle Fire. The hottest thing about the Fire was the price, only $199.00. Then the fireworks started!

Amazon announced they signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics for digital distribution rights of their graphic novels featuring the likes of Batman and Superman! Barnes & Noble retaliated by pulling over 100 DC books off their shelves explaining, “We will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format.”

Books-A-Million (BAM), the nations second brick-and-mortar bookseller, followed suit and also pulled DC Books from their stores. They announced, “Due to DC Comics plan to sell the digital format of their top 100 graphic novels exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Fire, BAM Stores are currently removing physical copies of these titles from our shelves.”

Now it’s rumored Apple is developing the iPad mini to compete with the Kindle Fire. The iPad mini is speculated to have a 7 inch screen (just like the Kindle Fire), a video camera, and a USB connector. It is believed it will also have 128GB of storage and a high resolution display. The unit is expected to be available in 2012 and will be priced around $200.00.

And if that isn’t enough, Google and Microsoft may be working on their version of the increasingly popular tablet as well. Google’s soon to be completed acquisition of Motorola Mobility will give them the ability to manufacture a tablet and equip it with their own operating system! That could make them a serious threat indeed!

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! This “war” is going to benefit all of us gadget geeks and techies (not to mention those people who just like to read ebooks!).

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Tablet Wars!

Okay, Apple has the iPad2 starting at $499… Barnes & Noble has the Color Nook at $249… and then Amazon comes along and introduces the Kindle Fire at $199… Wow! Can these tablets possibly get any cheaper?  YES! Now India has introduced the Aakash Android Tablet which will be sold to their students at a government subsidized price of only $35.00! The Aakash was developed by the British company DataWind and is being manufactured entirely in India. It’s being billed as, “India’s gift to the world’s children – and an anti-poverty tool.” Initial reviewers said the touch-screen is a little “touch resistive,” and it runs a little slow… but it works!

The Android 2.2 WiFi enabled Aakash has a 7-inch color 800 x 480 touch-screen display, 256MB RAM, 660 MHz processor, and a 32GB expandable memory. It offers two USB 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Battery life is about 3 hours from the 2100mAh battery.  A commercial version is expected to be available later this year and will retail for about $60. The commercial version will have a cellular modem and SIM to access internet. It’s unknown if the Aakash will be made available to the US market.

If you would like to learn more about this tablet, please “click here” to go there!

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