Save, Save, Save and Save!

There was an email in my inbox New Year’s Eve that said WordPress 3.0.4 was available for installation. I like to keep everything up to date, so I logged in as the Administrator and clicked on the update button. Everything was going smoothly until I received a notice the upgrade failed. I hit the back button on my browser and after a minute or so I received a notice that Firefox couldn’t find my website. I fired up my FTP program and tried to access my site… That didn’t work either. In a total panic I sent an email to my hosting account asking for help. I logged on to the WordPress forum and discovered I wasn’t the only one having problems. It was then I received an email from my web host that said they believed my own ISP was blocking access to my website. A few minutes later my host sent another email and said they got the block lifted and everything was back to normal… I checked, and it was!

I learned something… Save, save, and save again! Actually, I knew that, but I’ve been doing it for such a long time without incident that I got tired of doing it and stopped. You can bet I’ll be doing my backups from now on!

So my blog is still working and I’m still here. I’m looking forward to having a great 2011 with all of you! Happy New Year!


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