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HarperCollins eBook Boycott Expands!

The HarperCollins ebook boycott has expanded into Canada. Debbie LeBel, the manager of acquisitions for Halifax Public Libraries, says she is not buying new e-book licenses from HarperCollins even though demand for eBooks has grown steadily in recent years and HarperCollins titles account for about one in every five e-books in the collection of more than 6,000.

For now, LeBel said she is choosing not to buy any new HarperCollins licenses although she continues to buy from other publishers on an almost daily basis. She said librarians across Canada have told her they are doing the same. You can read more on this story by clicking here and here.

We all know that “planned obsolescence” has been designed into products for years but, in my opinion, marketing a product that just dies after being used a specific number of times is just wrong.

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