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The Future of School Books?

Printed textbooks may soon become a thing of the past! Education is going digital! Continue reading

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May The Best eReader Win!

Kindles, Nooks, Kobos oh my! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! Continue reading

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Finding eBooks You Can Read On Your eReader

A friend of mine owns a Kindle. He wanted to know why some eBooks he downloaded wouldn’t open. The Kindle family of eReaders use AZW or MOBI format, and they’re about the only ones that do (please “click here” to see a comparison chart of the top 10 eReaders). The majority of eReaders use EPUB format. The eBooks my friend downloaded were all in EPUB format and weren’t compatible with his Kindle (just like AZW and MOBI formats aren’t compatible with a most other eReaders, including the Nook).

So what do you do when you see an eBook you want to read, but it’s in the wrong format for your eReader? That’s easy! You convert the eBook’s format to one you can use! You can do that quickly and easily with Calibre!

So what is Calibre? I’ll let them tell you… “Calibre allows you to organize your e-book collection, convert e-books to various formats, and interact with your e-book reader, all in an intuitive and friendly manner.” Please “click here” to visit their website and learn more about what they have to offer! The best thing is Calibre is FREE!

Calibre is a great eReader too! You can read eBooks in all formats, highlight text, and add sticky notes. Check them out! I’ve been using Calibre and I love it!

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Refurbished NOOK Color for $169.00 + Free Shipping!

I’m a Barnes & Noble affiliate. I make a little money if you buy a Barnes & Noble product from my website. I love B&N and I’m proud to be associated with them. That being said, I want you to know I don’t make anything from this deal, but it’s too good not to tell you about it!

You can purchase a certified Barnes & Noble refurbished NOOK Color for just $169.00 and get free shipping!  It comes with 90 days of complementary phone support and a one year limited warranty! This is the real deal. It actually ships from Barnes & Noble! This special offer is $80.00 off the normal retail price of $249.00.

I’m a former Nokia repair technician and I can tell you this… Nokia’s refurbished phones were tested at a higher standard of quality control than their new phones. I don’t know if the NOOK Color refurbishment process is similar to Nokia’s, but I’m guessing it is. Based on my experience, I would purchase a refurbished product any day of the week and be confident it will be as good, if not better, then a new one!

If you would like to know more about this offer, please “click here.” I own a NOOK Color and I love it!

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Yes, I Do Use My eReader!

I was recently asked if I really used my Nook Color enough to justify the expense. In one word, YES! Right now I’ve got 58 books stored to it and dozens of business PDF papers. When I’m home I read (I’m one of those strange people who disconnected their TV because I got sick and tired of the advertisements and slanted news covereage). In lieu of television, I can use my Nook to go to the internet and watch Hulu and YouTube if I wish.

At work I use my Nook to keep my Things-To-Do list up to date and check emails. I can stop by a McDonalds or Starbucks if I need a Wi-Fi Hotspot. My Nook is also a great MP3 player when I’m in the office. I can check local news and weather forecasts as well. Oh, I can also read a book during my break!

Do I consider all these things worth $249.00? Absolutely!

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Fun Stuff For Kindle & Free Kindle Apps For All!

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m a NookColor fan. But today I was surfing the web checking out other ereaders when I stumbled upon a really nice site designed specifically for Kindle users. This site will allow you to:

(1) Do advanced Kindle book searches
(2) Do advanced paper book searches
(3) View free Kindle titles
(4) Track Kindle price drops
(5) View recent Kindle price drops
(6) Check to see if your favorite title has been Kindlized
(7) View books recently converted to Kindle

If this sounds good to you, just click here and check out eReaderIQ! I think you’ll really like this place!

Okay, I know what your saying… “Hey Don, what about the millions and millions of us that use Nooks… What do we do?” No problem! If your ereader isn’t a Kindle, but you really want to play on eReaderIQ, just click here and download the Kindle app that will work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone. You can have your Nook and play Kindle too! Life is good and Geekism is great! Go read something!

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Does Don Own an eReader?

Here I am, owner of ebookchronicles.com, and someone asked me if I even owned an eReader! The answer to the question is, Yes… We have several Nooks in our home. I purchased one of the original Nooks for my wife and she in turn bought one for me. We were assured that B&N had spent tens of thousands of dollars developing the B&W Nook and a full color model wasn’t even on their radar. I loved my old Nook! The display was so crisp and clean! I read the entire Percy Jackson & Olympians series on it!

Then one day everything changed… We walked into our local Barnes & Nobel and there it was… The Nook Color! OMG, it was love at first sight! Brilliant color and a wall-to-wall touch screen! Easily accessible SDHC slot! Folders for your pictures, videos, music, and documents! Wi-Fi connectivity! Oh, and did I mention you can even read ebooks on it! Amazing!

My wife played Santa and bought me a Nook Color for Christmas (on the condition I gave my B&W Nook to my oldest daughter). I take my Nook Color with me everywhere! I’m the maintenance guy for several local shopping centers. I keep my things-to-do list on it… My site plans are on it… My email account is on it… I can stop at Starbucks or McDonalds and be on the internet in seconds. And did I mention you can read ebooks on it too!

I also have Nook apps loaded on my PC, laptop, and android cellphone… It is now virtually (virtually, did you get that?) impossible to loose a book. I can be anywhere on the planet (and in earth orbit as well) and access my ebook library. It doesn’t matter which device I use to access my last ebook, it will open to the exact page I was last reading. What’s really cool is we’ve got all of our Nooks registered to the same Barnes & Nobel account. If I purchase an ebook, my wife and daughter can read it at the same time as I do!

Does Don own an eReader? The answer is yes, Yes, and YES!

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Win an eReader During eBook Week!

Ebook Week starts tomorrow (March 6 – 12, 2011)! During this event you’ll have the opportunity to enter several contests and win some really great prizes! You can be the winner of a Nook or one of three Kobo’s by clicking here! Two lucky winners will win E-Ink watches by entering the contest offered on Steven Lyle Jordan’s website here!

The partners of eBook Week have lots of events planned which you can see by clicking here! This week is going to be fun! Now get out there and read some ebooks!

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eBook Lending Service!

There’s a great ebook lending service available called eBookFling and you can become a member for free! In their own words, “Just fling an eBook to others and catch the eBook of your choice!” They support both the Kindle and … Continue reading

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eBook Lending Library Coming Soon!

Kindle and Nook people rejoice! The eBook Lending Library is coming soon! Rather than paraphrase this I’m just going to quote thier announcement: “The eBook Lending Library is coming soon! It will be the first website of its kind to … Continue reading

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