True Confessions of a Nook Color Owner!

Before I get started, I would like to say I paid full price for my Nook Color and I do not receive any incentives of any kind for my endorsement of this product.

I purchased the original B&W Nook when it first came out. It became my friend! I took it with me everywhere. Then along came the Nook Color! I saw it and fell in love! I tried to keep my feelings in check, but my wife saw right through them! Loving me like she does, she bought me one for for Christmas!

I really like reading in bed. The original Nook wasn’t back-lit, so you needed a clip-on light to read in the dark. That changed with the Nook Color! It’s totally back-lit! I can read it anywhere! High noon or midnight, it doesn’t matter!

At first I only used it for reading ebooks… After all, that’s what it was for, right? But now it’s been through a couple of programming upgrades, and with each upgrade came new features. Now I can access the internet, view videos on YouTube, update my blogs, answer emails, and… read my books! When I’m not doing that, I can play Angry Birds! (I spend way to much time playing Angry Birds!)

My first Nook Color went crazy on me… It kept shutting down without warning. I took it to my neighborhood Barnes & Noble to have it looked at. Their Nook specialist played with it for awhile and declared it dead… Thirty minutes later I walked out of there with a new Nook Color in my hand!

The Nook Color is a great deal at $249.00! Don’t quote me on this, but I think you get ten percent off on the price with a Barnes & Noble membership…

The Nook Color is a great thing to have with you! You have access to all your books and magazines where ever you go! You also have access to the Internet if your sitting in a wifi hot-spot!  Life Rocks

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