Valentine’s Day Approaching!

Valentine’s Day is coming! I love this time of year! You have the opportunity to pay tribute to the one you love and let them know how much they mean to you! My wife’s birthday is also on Valentine’s Day which makes February 14th double special for our family!  I have something really exciting planned for her this year, but I can’t tell you about it… My wife reads my blog and the secret would be blown if I posted it (Aloha my kuuipo! I love you!). Ladies, just to keep this post on topic, click here to be swept away to a cornucopia of romance eNovels!

Guys, I think we’re alone now… While the love of your life is reading romance novels, you should be planning something magically romantic! Buying a wilted bouquet of roses from the local supermarket and a bar of chocolate might be a start, but you can do better! Super Bowl XLV will soon be over, Green Bay will be throwing a party for their champions, and you should be able to laser focus your attention on the most important person in your life! Click here for some great ideas… Or click here for something in a blue box with a white ribbon (you cut right to a woman’s heart, don’t you!)… Now go… Become a Super Hero!!! Just like Aaron Rodgers!!!

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5 Responses to Valentine’s Day Approaching!

  1. Enie says:

    My Donnie…the most romantic guy I know!!! I can’t wait for my surprise- I know it will be perfect just like you!! 😉 I am so blessed to have you for my husband and father of our girls!!! I love you with all my heart!!!

  2. Don says:

    My Enie! Your smile is the first thing I see in the morning, your laugh brings me joy through the day, and your touch is the last thing I feel at night. I’m blessed to have you as my wife and mother of our children! Twenty-three years and going strong!

  3. Ned Gile says:

    The guidelines you have given here are really precious. It turned out such an entertaining surprise to see that awaiting me as i woke up now. They are often to the point as well as simple to understand. Thank you very much for the thoughtful ideas you have shared above.

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