Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! This is such a special day to me. I’ve been blessed with a wife and two daughters. All year long they take care of me. They rejoice with me when I’m happy and they tolerate me when I’m grumpy. They wash my clothes and cook my dinner. And they love me… Unconditionally. My girls make my world spin. They give my life a purpose and a reason to be alive. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity of the year when I can say thank you for all they’ve done. Valentine’s Day is also my beautiful wife’s birthday! I’ve got something really special planned… But you’ll have to wait until February 15th to find out what it is! My girls read my posts and I’ve got to keep them guessing!

Now I’m going to grab my Nook and read a bit before I go to bed… How’s that for keeping on topic!

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